Musser Films will be at the Liberty Film Fest on Feb 13th. Look below for more info

Musser Films has produced over a dozen short-films with more on the way. We hope you enjoy these short-films and share Musser Films with your friends. Your support is greatly appreciated.

False King


Led by the vicious conqueror Trigar, an army of brutes burns down village after village in search of the only remaining member of the royal line, Furik Rhinedell.

The Stratos Wars


Cole and Chase Owens must put aside their differences and join forces to take on a formidable army in the Stratos Wars. 

Fortnite: The Movie


The storm eye is shrinking, the battle is getting closer. You need to build, shoot, and run to survive. There's a giant, blue, floating bus and supply llamas. It's Fortnite: The Movie

The Good Thief


Nathan Cooper, an unfulfilled treasure hunter, hears about an ancient Biblical treasure guarded by a radical group of terrorists and attempts to steal it.



After his plane is shot down in enemy territory, Clark Anderson, must reunite with his brother, who has been captured by terrorists, and escape to bring him back alive.



Two soldiers are left behind enemy lines after a battle. Now their mission is not only to survive but take out a weapons facility that is capable of destroying cities.

A Modern Day Prodigal


A modern retelling of the parable of the lost son. Soundtrack: "A Modern Day Prodigal Son" by Brantley Gilbert.

Shadow Boxer


A young boxer faces the inner turmoil of his past mistakes and attempts to overcome them by finding redemption and winning the fight.

College Stereotypes


A college roommates version of the popular stereotype videos by Dude Perfect. Nerds, coffee addicts, gamers, etc. 



War has left civilization in ruin and now only a remnant remains to fight for survival. A few  have fled to sea for safety but their refuge won't last.

Avengers Reborn


The world has forgotten the superheroes of the past. But a new threat demands a new group of heroes to stop it.

The Musser Films Show


Musser Films introduces their new reality show. Available ad-free through Vimeo. Click the link below to watch all episodes for free.