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Musser Videos LLC.

About Musser Videos

Musser Videos was formed to provide businesses with a way to create impactful videos that could better reach potential customers and expand their outreach. 

Musser Videos LLC is a family owned business, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. Musser Videos covers a broad range of video marketing techniques. We offer many different advertising venues such as video marketing, website design, and social media advertisements.  At Musser Videos we take pride in our  ability to provide high quality videos designed to meet each customer's requests - all with a very competitive pricing structure.

Intro Video

Musser Videos exists to provide any type of video for any type of business. These videos can be finished in as little as 1-2 weeks and become an instant ROI by engaging more customers or developing better employees.

Why Musser Videos?

Advertising Is Everything!

Video and internet marketing are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to connect with their audiences. In 2019, around 87% of business use some form of video as a marketing tool. Marketers at Wyzowl observe that "the adoption of video as a marketing tactic continues to soar, with more marketers using it than ever. Marketers also increasingly appreciate the significance of video content. However, as more businesses turn to video marketing, there’s no disputing that the level of competition is ramping up. Businesses are feeling pressure to make themselves heard ‘above the noise,’ with spend expected to increase in 2019 as a direct result."

All this indicates that any business needs to have a impactful presence on their website and social media in order to influence more  customers. With this in mind Musser Videos was formed to provide businesses with a strong marketing strategy.

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To learn more about all that Musser Videos has to offer please take a look around our website. Or feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting. Thank you for considering Musser Videos. 

*Statistics and data were gained from Wyzowl for more information check out there website here.

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What is Video Marketing?

The Facts

Video marketing is essential for any business that wants to grow and reach new customers in today's competitive advertising world. Consumers are bombarded with videos on social media and the Internet, not to mention all those television commercials. Musser Videos can help you develop a video that conveys your message simply yet sufficiently. 

The Stats

  • 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
  • 84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website.
  • 80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website.*

Video Types


Interviews are a great way for corporate businesses to connect with their consumers and portray their product through video. 


Informational videos help to advertise a certain product or feature that you offer and to provide the customer with general information.


Training and instructional videos are a great way to show your employees the different aspects of your business.


Promotional  videos are a great way to showcase your business to new clients and consumers.


Advertisements and commercial videos help directly showcase your product or service to your customers. 


We offer a wide range of videos to meet your business needs but if you want something unique we would be glad to help you.